Real Men

by jasoncurlee on August 19, 2015

Real MEN are protectors. They are protectors of the family unit. They are protectors of our greatest asset, our children.

Real MEN were designed to be fathers not baby-daddies. They are to be the covering and umbrella of the family.

For a MAN to be pro-choice is failing at our primary and utmost responsibility. For a MAN to not take responsibility for your actions and push a woman into that choice you are a gutless child.

If you’re gonna be PRO-CHOICE why not start with the choice that if you can’t take responsibility as a MAN then zip it up.

Why not make the choice that if you’re going to allow yourself to remain a teen held captive by your out of control hormones like a 14 year old boy then you will use protection.

How about this? If you’re not MAN enough to take care of a family make the choice to NOT have sex at all.


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